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About Kamparoo

A little more about Us...

Manufacturer's Factory Kamparoo Campers began importing the Fold Over camper from Australia in 1999, and has since transitioned to become a “Recognized Trailer Manufacturer” registered with Transport Canada.

Out Trailers conform to both the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Act ( NHTSA) and the Canadian Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards ( FMVSS). The components of the trailer are DOT Compliant and are built Lightweight to be towed by small cars and SUV’s.

Building the frameCampers, having welded galvanized steel bodies, are far stronger than stapled timber framed, aluminum clad campers and inhibit rusting.

The Kamparoo Trailer has been proven in the Harshest of conditions, including extreme sun and rain.

Thousands of happy customers discovering camping and beyond in comfort and safety.

We are able to ship anywhere and until we have a distributor in your region, we will ship to a RV or ATV Dealer that you are comfortable with.
  Kamparoo Campers in Wetaskiwin Alberta  Kamparoo Campers in Wetaskiwin Alberta
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