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 Kamparoo Trans-Continental -Extreme Off-Road Suspension
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About Kamparoo
The Kamparoo Campers are ultra light and comply with Transport Canada Safety Standards (CMVSS) and the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Act (NHTSA, FMVSS), allowing them to be towable by very small cars.

  • The time required to erect the Kamparoo into a spacious living and sleeping area above the ground is 30 seconds. No poles, ropes, or pegs are required.
  • Kamparoo only uses Heavy Duty canvas specially formulated for extreme sun and rain. This product has proven the test of time. Evident by the manufacturers 30 year history of building quality fold-over campers.
  • Strong enough to park a quad on top! (we do not recommend hauling ATV's)
  • Comfortably accommodates 2 adults with a Double or a Queen Mattress. An air mattress or a cot can be utilized in the living space for an additional sleeping area.
  • The roof is built of a one piece checkerplate aluminum and supports a functional roof rack for additional cargo up to 400 lbs., or bicycles or a boat. When folded for towing there is a standard 41" x 32" x 10" deep storage well that is counter sunk into the floor under the mattress as well as ample storage space above the mattress.
  • Hot-dipped Galvanized chassis (Eliminates Rust).
  • EZE Wind up crank system for fingertip ease of opening the body. Gas Struts assist in opening and the crank lowers it smoothly.
  • Inside canvas velcro window flaps for side & door windows.
  • The front and rear windows have an inside zip open clear plastic window over a mesh screen for all conditions.
  • Ground skirt for use with Add-A-Room to close off drafts and bugs.
  • Ground skirt for use with Add-A-Room to close off drafts and bugs.
  • Stores away in a small area
  • Stores away in a small area


Overall the KAMPAROO offers a unique advantage because of it's versatility and construction. This camper performs well under heavy use conditions and behaves well at higher speeds behind smaller cars and SUV's where towing capacity is limited. The standard weight is 700 lbs.

The OFF ROAD (Trans-continental) Kit:

  • Basic Vacationer PLUS!

  • Includes:
    - Reinforced Frame and Chassis.
    - Heavy Duty axle and longer Heavy Duty drawbar.
    - 14" chrome wheels, aggressive tires and Wheel Flares.
    - All pre-wiring, 4 wire flat plug, 2" coupler, ready to use.

Opened Tent Camper  
Jeep and the Weekender

A roomy living space for all your weekend getaways.

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