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The Kamparoo you sold me is coming along nicely. Here is a picture. No longer yellow. I will send you a few more as I get it finished. Still have some finishing touches.

We are attending the NW Overland Rally June 15th through the 18th in Plain Washington.

Both myself and Kevin will have both of our Kamparoo trailers their side by side. If you would like to send us some brochure’s we will place them out.

Have a great summer,
Dan Foskett

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Kamparoo Camper Specs
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Cargo/Utility Kamparoo Trailer   NEW!

Our Cargo Carrier model can easily haul an ATV to your destination and then continue on with the ATV taking over as the tow vehicle.  More Info....
Do you have an idea to Customize your Kamparoo? Talk to us!

Colour your Kamparoo Camper to your own taste! Powdercoating options now available.

More info....
The time required to erect the Kamparoo into a spacious living and sleeping area above the ground is 30 seconds. No poles, ropes, or pegs are required.
Kamparoo Camper Vacationer Trailer

The Kamparoo Campers are ultra light and comply with Transport Canada Safety Standards (CMVSS) and the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Act (NHTSA, FMVSS), allowing them to be towable by very small cars.   More info....
Kamparoo Camper Trans-Continental Trailer

The Kamparoo OFF ROAD (Trans continental) Kit has been constructed for rugged Off Road use, with an extended heavy duty draw bar, increased capacity axle, reinforced frame and chassis, checkerplate aluminum trim, fender flares, chrome 14" wheels with aggressive tread tire.    More info....

Glen Colborne, Kamparoo Campers
(780) 361-2000
Accessorize your Kamparoo Camper!

Deluxe Awnings, Add-A-Room, and the kitchen sink too!

More info....

We can arrange for delivery anywhere in North America