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Kamparoo Campers in use by satisfied Customers

Good morning Glen,

My Kamparoo transcontinental has arrived this morning safely at destination (Quebec). Great delivery from Canada shipping.

It is the nicest trailer I have ever seen and I am extremely happy with the customization process and buying process from your company.

A very big thanks for you and all of your team, you really delivered the wow.

Have a great day and I'll let you know how my road trip goes.

Best regards,

Jean-Maxime Chenard

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Dear Glen,

Carl delivered our Kamparoo just in time for the trip we had planned to Southern Utah and Bryce Canyon. Since then we have been to Lake Mead and the Auga Fria National Monument.
Thank You for all your help.
Wishing you a very happy, safe 2014!

Happy Trails
Lee and Patti Redman
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A happy customer's detailed account of his Kamparoo Camper selection and use, over at Expedition Portal's Forum

Hi Glen, here are some photos of our Kamperoo in action in BC and in Arizona. Our last camping night was Oct. 26 - the night before the first winter storm hit!

Hope you are well, Heather & Keith

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Big Bend National Park, Texas

Cedar Breaks, New Mexico/Utah

Green River Lakes, Wyoming
Hi Glen,

Karen and I have enjoyed our Kamparoo camping trailers so much over the last 12 years that I decided to send you a few pictures of some of the places we have taken them. You may recall that we purchased the original small Cub with the double bed and then 6 or 7 years later upgraded to the Cub Vacationer with the queen bed which we still have. In fact we just returned from a 9-day camping trip in the Superstition Mts. in southern Arizona. Typically we spend at least 3 months camping out of it each year. At least 6-8 weeks each summer, a week or two in Nov. and another week or two in late Dec./early Jan. Usually we take another week or two in March/April. We are dreading the day when we have to give it up for health or other reasons!

Other than the hinge alignment problem that you fixed on our newer model, the only problems we have had are with zippers not correctly closing and we have learned to fix this problem by using pliers to pinch together the pull mechanism where it enmeshes the two sides of the zipper. The canvas is still completely weather proof. Although we had to replace the wheel bearings on the earlier model, the new one has no problems there. All these are minor issues compared to the countless camping days and nights we have enjoyed in our Kamparoo(s).

At almost every campground that we camp people are very curious about the "strange" or "cute" tent trailer. Karen always enjoys giving nickel tours and presenting them with a Kamparoo brochure.

I have attached a folder with pictures taken over the years in both Kamparoo Cubs. Picture titles indicate location picture was taken. You are welcome to use the pictures for advertisement or promotion.


Dennis and Karen Richards

Lava Beds National Park, Montana

Palouse Falls, Washington

Submitted by John S.
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Couple more pics with Ranger hooked up, pulls pretty well now with the Max Coupler
Submitted by a Satisfied Customer.
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