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Dear Glen,

For your website, Campsite at Zion taken at sunset by my wife, Sally Lewis.

Marshall Katzman
Ridgewood, NJ

David and Virginia Staat
The Woodlands, Texas

February 1, 2011

Dear Glen,

I hope all is well with you and Eric and that 2011 is a good year for Kamparoo.

We finally had a chance to get our Kamparoo registered, so it is legal in Texas. We had no problem with registration. All the paperwork that you gave us made the import and registration processes go smoothly. Enclosed is the license plate that you originally loaned us for the camper. Thanks so much for setting this up for us.

Glen, we want to thank you again for your exceptional customer service and the time and effort that you gave us. You and Eric were supportive and helpful with the minor problems we had with the hinge and bearings. We also thank you for the spare parts you gave us and the rework that you did on Oz when we last visited. We feel that you went above and beyond what most people do to help their customers. In some small way we want to thank you for the support. Enclosed is a CD with some photos from our trip that included the Kamparoo. Please feel free to use them in advertising or any way that would be beneficial to your venture.

Thanks again, Glen, for everything. If you or Eric are ever in the Houston area, please let us know so that we can get together. Our best wishes to your and yours in 2011.

Dave Staat

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Another Happy Customer

Hi Glen

Hope all is going well with you, Eric and Kamparoo Inc.

We have been on the road with Ozzie for about seven weeks now and have had a blast. It is a great camper for what we like to do. We have been up some rough roads in Alaska. For example the Denali Hwy (8) which is 134 miles, 85% gravel and most of that rough. We went up over Hatcher pass North of Anchorage which is 49 miles, 32 of it gravel and 20 classified as 4WD. They recommended not taking campers on that stretch of road because of the problems others have had, but we didn't have any problem with Ozzie, it bumped right along behind the Xterra. It is a pretty rugged unit.

We have done some remote camping, but with all the rain (a record July for Alaska) it has been so muddy that we have opted for state and national parks where the dog doesn't get so dirty.

The bed is really comfortable. We rotated it around so the smaller part is toward the front. That allows us to lift the hatch easier for access to the storage.

We found that we can't leave the door open to stuff the awning in if the awning is wet. It gets the bed wet. However we leave the awning zipped on and then fold it over the tent top as the camper is being closed and it leaves all the wet canvas outside the sleeping area.

The Better Build box is great. Lots of storage for what we need and it is easy to get to.... good upgrade.

We love having the onboard water tank. It is very handy and the pump is convenient. We need a better cover for the pump especially going down the dirt roads we have. The plastic bag and fill spot get very dirty...... glad I had the stopper in the fill tube.

One last thing about the dirt from the gravel roads. The male part of the snaps that is attached to the camper body get very dirty and need to be cleaned before the canvas can be snapped on. This can take quite a while and is a bit laborious especially with the binders that are being used on the gravel roads in Alaska. However this is only a problem when traveling dirt roads in the rain. I don't have an idea yet for how I can prevent this but it may not be a problem other places.

Gin and I are taking some pictures, some of them are on our blog We will share more with you later when we have time to assemble them.

We have some other ideas for upgrades but they are just ideas for now.

We will be heading back towards Banff towards the latter part of September and were thinking about stopping by if we have time. Would you be interested in a visit to share some of what we learned.

Again a great camper for us.
Say hi to Eric

Our best
Dave and Virginia Staat

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Hi Glenn,

Its been a couple of summers since we came by "just to look!" . We had a great voyage home to San Francisco via the Glacier Highway with our 6 week old (who's now nearly two!). We are expecting again in May and looking forward to repeating the trip with an extra passenger. I am interested in an awning and extended feet for the floor (they always a bit seem too short). Please let me know what you have. Also - any recommendations for cleaning mildew stains off the canvas. I put it away wet once and........

Jonathan Waite
Newark, California.

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Hi Glen,

This is to wish you and yours all the best for the coming year and have a wonderful Christmas Season. I thought you would like to see how things worked out on the new trailer, see how I modified the coupling to make it harder to steal. The spare is on top to reduce the tung weight and I found a really nice box for all the camping stuff. Thanks for all your help with replacing the stolen trailer we are really happy the way things turned out.

Best regards
Dave Skipp

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