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Holidays in Death Valley

Hi Glen, I hope everything is going well for you and your family. I just thought I would drop you a quick note, saying how much we still love our Kamparoo and to send you some photos of our recent trip to Death Valley. If you look at the pictures, we might be using ours a little rougher than the typical buyer might. So far we have had zero issue getting thru anything we have tried. Actually most of the time we have walked right over obstacles that other people have had problems, trailers or not. I recently did a couple new modifications to the trailer. I removed the propane tank and moved the spare tire to a crank down system up under the tongue (in front of the water tank) and installed to holders for gas/water cans where the tank and spare were. Thought you might enjoy the photos. Take care and talk to you soon. Mike Schwartz


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Holidays in Nova Scotia



Holidays in the Sun

An Email from a Satisfied Customer

Hi Glen,

How is everything going up in your neck of the woods? Hope all is well.

Just wanted to send a follow up email regarding our Weekender purchase. Last Friday, after I talked to you about the keys, I was able to open it up and check things out. This thing is awesome! Within 5 minutes, I had someone driving by stop and talk to me about it. Everything looks great and as you described. It’s in great shape. It was fun poking around, seeing how things work and such. When my wife came home and drove around the corner, I could see the biggest smile on her face. She just knew I would have it opened up when she came home.

Poking around, it looks like there were a few goodies inside. A spare lifting strut, latch, propane hose and the 12v lights. I figured the lights were from the previous owner (I could be wrong) but thought you might have thrown in the spares. If you did, thank you very much!!! If you did not, thanks for leaving them with the trailer. I have not tried out the awning as I didn’t think people were going to like that out in the middle of the street but when we are able to get out for our first trip, I am going to try it. BTW, the shipping driver, Ray if I remember, was very nice and took good care of things.

Though I don’t have my Cherokee wiring/plug setup yet (still the flat four plug) I was able to check all the lighting and it works great. Luckily my Chevy pickup already has a 7 pin plug and all the wiring matched up.

Again, my wife and I want to thank you very much for a wonderful and smooth transaction. I have to say that I never thought I would purchase something this expensive and from another country, without actually seeing it in person. I am very happy our first experience went so well. It’s funny that we had our wedding rings custom made by a company in Canada, as they were the only ones who could do a prong set, all titanium ring. Good things come from the maple leaf. J

Thanks and I’ll be sending you pictures of our adventures.

Mike Schwartz

Here are a few pictures of our camping trip to Washington State, and the Olympic Peninsula. We drove 2400 miles towing the Kamparoo and camped for 13 out of 17 nights. ( staying with friends the other nights ) We averaged 20 miles per gallon towing with our VW Passat wagon, with bikes on the roof. We still get lots of interested lookers every campsite we set up in. Our neighbors in Reno are thinking about getting their own Kamparoo now.





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