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 Kamparoo Vacationer - Price and Product Specifications.


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About Kamparoo
The Kamparoo Vacationer has a 60"x84" bed and can accommodate fold out cots in the living area. The Vacationer will sleep 2 (or more) people very comfortably.


There is a large storage area under the bed that is accessible from the inside.

The awning is optional on the Vacationer and an add-on room is available for additional space as needed.


Kamparoo Vacationer
Product includes:
- Pre-wired for 4 Wire Flat Plug
- 2" Coupler
- Ready To Use
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NOTE: Prices Valid Thru May 2018
Deluxe Awning $295.00
Add-A-Room Wall Panels $695.00
Screen Room $395.00
Propane Tank - 10 pound with mounting bracket on drawbar $80.00
10' Propane Hose $39.00
Deluxe Ikea Mattress
- Queen
- Folding
Spare Tire $95.00
Draw Bar Mounted Storage Box $395.00
Custom Powder Coat Paint $350.00
Custom Checker Plate Body
- includes Storage Well
16 Gallon/72 Litre Water Tank $300.00
Water Tank Shield $95.00
Welded Aluminum Storage Well $150.00
Custom Box with Slide Out Stainless Steel Kitchen $1,495.00
Custom Aluminium Fender Trim and Flair $240.00
LED Lights $60.00
Tie Down Rack - mounted on top of kitchen box $125.00
Electric Brake Option $450.00


Shipping can be arranged to anywhere and includes all Customs Fees, Brokerage paperwork, etc.

For ordering and shipping information...
Phone: Canada (780)361-2000
Fax: Canada (780)361-2022
We can arrange for delivery anywhere in North America


Specifications VACATIONER
Galvanized steel body construction (hot dipped) over welded steel box frame STD
Base Weight 725 lbs
Body Length 7'3" (87 inches)
Body Width 5' (60 inches)
Drawbar Length 5' (60 inches)
Aluminum Body Panels STD
Wheel size 13"
Aluminum Checker Plate Stone Guard STD
Inside Linoleum Flooring STD
Lift Assist Gas struts STD
EZE Wind System for effortless Opening and Closing STD
High Quality Canvass Tent STD
Zipper Doors - Both Right and Left side STD
Zip-Open Clear Inside Plastic Windows for all openings STD
High Quality Insect Mesh on all openings STD
Folding Jockey Wheel STD
Mattress 56 inches wide
Roof Rack - good up to 400 lbs STD
Attachments for Awnings - Both Sides STD
Under Bed Storage Well - galvanized metal 10" deep
48" x 30"


Glen Colborne, Kamparoo Campers
(780) 361-2000

We can arrange for delivery anywhere in North America